Health and Hygiene (Swasth Panchayat)

Under this thematic area the BYV volunteers will endeavour to promote a healthy lifestyle. They will raise awareness about healthy practices and the importance of hygiene. Within their communities BYV volunteers will strive to make change, by making concentrated efforts to promote and participate in the following campaigns:

Immunization Drive

Odisha is one of the leading states with respect to immunization programs. Major preventable causes of child mortality, disability and malnutrition are being addressed in the state. Immunization programs across the state have resulted in healthier infants and children. BYV volunteers must play the role of mobilizers in such interventions by actively urging parents to take their young children to receive the appropriate vaccination at the right time so that they may be immune to diseases in the future.

Campaign against Malnutrition

To reduce the cases of malnutrition seen among the poor in both rural and urban areas, BYV volunteers will take up the responsibility to create awareness about the anganwadi and crèche centres set up by centre and state which could be used by the citizens of Odisha. These institutions will have a huge role to play in terms of the identification of malnourished children and providing them with ready to use therapeutic food. The Mid-Day-Meal Scheme is an important scheme whose benefits can be easily utilized by the poor. According to the scheme, all needy primary school children of selected government and government aided schools will be provided a nutritious meal at school. BYV volunteers must create awareness regarding the scheme, especially among parents of school going children who could otherwise potentially suffer from malnutrition.

Campaign for De-Addiction and promoting a Healthy Life Style

Effective steps will be taken for the welfare of the victims of substance abuse, featuring different departments and agencies coming together to work on this issue. BYV volunteers must pledge to refuse intoxicants that could lead to addiction. Simultaneously, the BYV volunteers must assist authorities in ensuring that school and college students are sensitized through preventive education programmes. BYV volunteers must also be aware of the availability of the facilities that exist to look after victims of substance abuse in every Government hospital and the availability of trained doctors who can attend to victims of substance abuse in specialised de-addiction treatment centres.