Sports is being considered as one of most important pillars under the BYV Scheme.With an aim to raise awareness about benefits of sports activities and promoting healthy living, BYV members organised different sporting events across the state.These events are being organised under the supervision of District Sports Officers (DSO). With an aim of reaching out to people at the grass root level, these competitions were organised at the Gram Panchayat (GM) Level.

Tournaments in cricket and football were organised in Angul, Bargarh, Balangir, Bauripada and Dhenkenal districts. These events witnessed good participation and many teams registered to participate in a knock-out styled tournament.

Highlighted below are the major events:

  • On Gandhi Jayanti (October 2nd), Municipality Board of Bauripada organised a football tournament. 34 teams participated (30 men and 4 women). This event attracted a huge number of spectators and the event was witnessed by around 15,000 people.
  • On October 14-15, a Kabaddi tournament was organised at GP of Karunjhar, which is in Balangir District. A total of 29 teams (all men) had participated in this tournament.

Distribution of Sports Equipment

During this period, the process for procuring of sports equipment was expedited. It was targeted that distribution of sports equipments at the BYV level will be completed by 25th October, 2018.

Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup Sports Festival

Biju Yuva Vahini is committed in making Odisha’s biggest sporting event a grand success. To create an atmosphere of sports and connect people from every corner of the state, different individual and team sports activities were being planned. These sporting activities are going to be held at the same period when the World Cup is being held so that a sporting ambience prevails. Following sports activities are going to be held:

  • Mini-Marathon at GP and District level on 25th November,2018
  • Team sports competitions in Hockey, Cricket and Volleyball at the Block/District level. The event will start on 25th November and end on 16th December, 2018
  • Arranging facilities for mass viewing of the Opening Ceremony at District/ GP/ULB/Household level.