Clean and Green Drive (Sabuja Panchayat)

This thematic area intends to protect and improve the environment and to make the surroundings clean and green. Under the Sabuja Panchayat the BYVs are expected to work sincerely towards identifying opportunities for them to protect and revive their surrounding environment. They must proactively work on the following initiatives that fall under the Sabuja Panchayat that would help Odisha achieve a cleaner and more eco-friendly environment:

Open Defecation Free Campaign (ODF)

Each individual must have access to clean toilets and the Government of Odisha has worked hard to provide for the same for its citizens. Odisha is on the path of becoming an ODF state soon and BYV volunteers will be instrumental in bridging the gap between the state and the people. They will do so by

  • Increasing the outreach and awareness of ODF in Panchayats and ULBs.
  • Working extensively with villagers on a personal level.
  • Being trained to work in collaboration with the local representatives/ Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation.

Sanitation Campaign:

BYV Volunteers will engage members of society to spread the message of imbibing hygiene practices in their homes and societies. Cleanliness and proper waste disposal is an absolute must to avoid health hazards. BYV volunteers will work to enable people to live in healthy and clean environments by tackling issues like:

  • Students defecating in the open due to locked / dirty toilets.
  • Lack of water facilities for drinking water / handwashing / toilets.
  • Absence of waste disposal mechanisms, etc.
  • Lack of adequate dustbins for proper waste disposal mechanisms.

Plantation Drive:

Through plantation drives BYV volunteers are reminded of the importance of tree cover and the benefits of greenery. They must also increase awareness on the importance of planting trees among the members of their respective communities. BYV had recently organized a State-wide Mega Plantation Drive through which BYV volunteers planted more than 13 lakh trees in an attempt to make Odisha a green state and offset the carbon footprint to be generated during Odisha Hockey World Cup. BYV volunteers are expected to continue this practice of plantation and have smaller plantation drives in their respective Gram Panchayats on a regular basis to make it a sustainable practice.