Art & Culture

Culture encompasses several aspects of our life, and not just our heritage and traditions as it is often mistaken to represent. For centuries, our culture and different types of art forms have been passed down from generation to generation. It gives people a chance to express themselves in whatever form they relate to. Therefore youth must be given the opportunity to appreciate their culture freely.

Art and Culture has the power to bind us together for common progressive growth. It enables us in our abilities to understand, co-exist and work together effectively. BYV volunteers will be mobilized through this intervention, to make an attempt at creating a platform to understand our lost practices and celebrate what we know about Odisha to increase our understating of our roots, tradition and art.

Under the BYV scheme, cultural activities that promote art, scientific temper and local talent shall be organised at least twice a year at BYV level, and should ensure mass youth participation. Each of the cultural programmes must involve at least two or more art forms including dances, singing performances, drawing, debate, drama, etc.

The following are the guidelines under the BYV scheme to promote art and culture among youth:

  • Competitions will be organised at the GP/ ULB level for the promotion of culture/ art in the fields of dance, drama, music, painting, essay writing, debate, etc. The BYVs can work towards promoting Indigenous crafts and practices in the form of handlooms, handicrafts, pottery, sand art, wall paintings, etc.
  • Local youth may be promoted to organize & participate in the science/ math exhibitions and showcase their talent to their communities to curb instances of black magic, sorcery and superstitions.
  • BYV youth can conduct sensitisation activities like street play, group discussion, use of information, education, and communication material (IEC), to dispel the blind belief of black magic witch craft and other superstitions in certain areas of the state.
  • Content of the program should be indigenous and relevant to local context of the community and state, and for this purpose, local talents should be promoted instead of hiring outside artists.
  • Best Performers/talents will be awarded with prizes/certificates.
  • The cultural programme may be organised in convergence with any other programme/activities to make it more popular/attractive.
  • All BYV members are required to strive to ensure maximum participation of as many people of the area irrespective of their age, gender etc. in these programs.

Krushak Assistance For Livelihood And Income Augmentation (Kalia)

To raise awareness on various empowerment programmes BYV volunteers adopts lucid and simple ways of communication to inform, educate and communicate the masses. In an attempt to generate farmer’s awareness on scheme KALIA, Biju Yuva Vahini volunteers adopted culture and tradition as a mode of communications on 25th of January, 2019, the day the State Level Farmer’s Convention was held Puri. Cultural programs such as Pala, Daskatiya, Street plays and traditional dance form performances by local artists were organized by BYV volunteers across all GPs to spread awareness on KALIA. Further, in an attempt to reach out at all level, live telecasting of the State Level farmer’s Convention on KALIA was facilitated by BYVs in all GPs. Households at the village level were also identified who volunteered public viewing of the programme thereby reaching out to more than 15 lakh farmers across the state.